about medicina band

The Medicina is a Hungarian world music formation of four beatiful souls, who have found each other during sacred ceremonies and connected trough music to perform healing and mantra songs from South-American and Indian traditions to our audience. During our concerts, retreats and events we celebrate life and this wonderful, delighted journey as a human being. Our band was founded in 2021, but we have a very long history playing together in different constellations.


The members of Medicina:

Julia Gyulai (vocals, guitar)

Akos Varnai (percussion, handpan)

Endre Molnar (guitar, percussion)

Richard Ternyak (didgeridoo, guitar)

OUR Music

The Band plays world music of healing chants in Sanskrit, medicine songs from the Amazonas, prayers in Hungarian, with a hint of folk music, and tribal music with didgeridoo, percussions from around the world and live, moment inspired singing and very slow, meditative sound healing music too. All the members are multi-instrumentalists, their collection contains handpan, conga, bongo, didgeridoo, bansuri, indian flute, harp, guitar, bass, tabla, shakers and they love to experiment with different effects. We have played live to famous guatemalan DJ Mose's live set twice, and would like to have more shows with DJ's performing live. We are giving heart centered and uplifting Cacao Ceremonies, where people have a deep journey to their Selfes, with the support of the Spirit of the Cacao, and the power of our music. On our Singing Circles our community may connect with the power of their voices and the songs, we support everybody to begin or continue their path as musicians. On our main stage Concerts we give space for celebration, dancing, experiencing love and deep connections.

Our Vision

The members know each other for long years, their paths has crossed on healing circles, where they began to play healing music, and to deepen their relationship. Their mission is to serve those who are too on the journey of self -realization, who seek for healing, comforting and loving connections. The band has a very strong connection with their community, a family that has been growing its members ever since.

With their concerts, retreats, pickniks, gatherings Medicina is spreading the message that it is our main essence to live in a loving community, where everybody can be themselfes, can express their feelings, ideas and share their experiences.

They believe in a world, where humanity can live in harmony with each other, and with the animals, and plants of this beautiful Planet Earth. With their events, music, and personal lives too, they are constatnly working on a better, love centered life for everybody, because we are all related, we need each other to live this amazing life.